hello everybody can you help for support my band? give me your picture/foto and notes "I Just Sing, Heard, and See. this is song from @glorydays_band bandung city in indonesia" send to muhammadiqbalsyafarie@gmail.com or glorydays_band@yahoo.co.id thanx
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The Glory Day's, was formed on 27 November 2007 with the formation of Rino (Vocal), Faith (Drum), Bonit (keyboards) Iqbal (Bass), Dicky (Guitar), Igit (Guitar) with musicalitas homage to Progressive Rock and on 22 March 2008 three personnel the Glory Day's Rino (vocal), Faith (Drum), Bonit (keyboards) resigned were replaced by Echa (vocal), Teguh (drums) until the end of 2008, drummer and vocals we resign now replace by by zaki (vocals) and edditional player (drums).

After the turn of the personnel we change the name to "Glory Days" on March 23, 2008 the name was born out of differences as a proving itself through the ability and dreams are etched. Fill each stanza song is an expression of emotion through artistic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are easy to understand and includes the meaning of life is widespread and universal. By carrying out a thick stream of punk with a touch of pop on every song give a new feel to the Indonesian music scene and eventually over time we change that flow into Core Melodic music we feature more innovative. Theme depth of life that may now largely untouched by the country musicians make choices in every style of music made.

Through this pathway, "Glory Days" seeks to open the eyes of every audience, that life is still full of hopes, dreams, and happiness will come home any way in which we would appreciate ...

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DGlory Days, Daylight Hours, Forbia, Forever Fun, Glory Days | Other from Bandung, ID, INCIDENT SILENT, Like Father Like Son, MOSHING WITH SCREAMENTO, Melodic, Morries Chambers, New Found Glory, Pinokio, Popmaya, Replika Rock, Rufio, Whos The Badman, greenday, sum41, protest the heroes, sendal jepit, fall out boy, the ataris

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Marley Brotherhood